Easy Way to Clean Mould off Walls & Ceilings

Do you see mould on your bedroom or bathroom ceilings/walls?

No matter what types of mould appears on your ceiling, the most common type of ceiling mould is due to lack of ventilation in most cases… and it can be toxic. Simply spray our mould remover on and watch it vanish!

Here is an unedited photo of the product being used… no scrubbing, no wiping… just spray it on:

From: Paul
Sent: 1 January @ 2:19 PM AEST
Subject: Cleaning Black Mould of Ceilings

Comment: ” This product WORKS a treat!! I live in a damp area and wow…my walls look like NEW again! Gone are my days slaving over paint and swearing away…haha, thanks heaps for such a great product! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL!!! ”


“Just wanted to let you know how much I luuuuv this product. Nearly killed myself cleaning a portion of the mouldy 12 foot ceiling. I thought there has to be a better way. Looked up YouTube & found your product. Read reviews etc, got the 4 litre….Awwwwwsome!!!! Took a couple of goes in places & I could see where I missed. Many Thanks for a great product” – Kiev

Watch this short video of mould vanishing off a ceiling with only a few short sprays of our exclusive mould cleaning product. Please note: This is a ‘home made’ looking video (intentionally)…no editing involved. This is raw, LIVE, un-edited and real footage…

Now available in Australia only through this website!

Ceiling and Wall FAQ’s:

Q.: Can we use the Ceiling & Wall Mould Remover on textured ceilings?

A.: No. Our product is not suitable for textured ceilings.

Q.: Can we use the Ceiling & Wall Mould Remover on wooden or metal surfaces?

A.: No. Our product is not suitable for use on wooden or metal surfaces unless they are completely sealed with a non-porous oil based paint.

So how do you clean mould off ceilings without causing mould spores to spread around?

The first thing you need to consider is this… does anyone in your home suffer from allergies? Are you prepared to stir up the air in your home in such a way that the skanky mould spores fall straight down onto the carpet where you baby crawls or your feet are touching? I think not!

If you are looking for the quickest and easiest way to remove mould off your ceiling, then it all comes down to the product.

Too many people buy ceiling mould removal products that are the ‘best known’ on TV or whatever… and in most cases they aren’t even close to being the best… they just have a good marketing budget. What if you had a mould cleaning product that took the mould off the ceiling in an instant?

Aussie has a mould problem due to the damp climate, so that is usually the reason why mould grows in houses… and causes unhealthy homes.

Clean it up with our specialised ceiling and wall mould cleaning product!

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