Boat Rust Mark and Water Stain Remover

Do you have rust marks or water stains on the internal lining of your boat? This product is the solution. See the live demo videos below showing how to quickly and easily clean the marks off carpet boat linings.

Water marks in the carpet of your boat certainly age the look of your vessel, and also indicate visual signs of leaks. Boat Magic Rust Mark & Water Stain Remover is the product you need to transform the look of the inside of your boat, back to how it should look.

This product is particularly useful for boat cleaning companies, anyone looking to sell their boat, cleaning up leftover marks after a leak has been repaired, or anyone looking to freshen up their boat for enhanced boating pleasure.

Over 30,000 customers use our products.

BOAT MAGIC DEOM VIDEOS – Rust stain remover & water mark cleaner for boat carpet linings, and also acts as a brilliant mould remover for boat curtains.

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