Q: What is the fastest way to contact you?
A: Please visit our contact us page. Email will get you a response within 2-12hrs, or call us!

Q: What is the delivery time throughout Australia?
A: Please allow 5 business days delivery. West coast deliveries to Perth may take 1 extra day. Our products are dispatched daily around the world, and are sent the following business day after the order has been made.

Q: Who uses Curtain Magic products?
A: 10’s of thousands of customers use our Curtain Magic products, including homeowners, hotels, motels, caravan parks, boat owners, curtain cleaning companies and more. We guarantee our products work, and guarantee it will work out much cheaper for you. And you don’t need to send your curtains away for days!

Q: Does this product work on all types of curtains and fabrics?
A: Yes, our curtain mould remover gets rid of mould on curtains, linings, blinds, nets and drapes. You just need to make sure they your fabric is either white or colourfast before applying the product liberally.

Q: Any tips about how to apply the product?
A: There are a few ways, depending on the configuration of your curtains. Follow label instructions on bottle before applying.

  1. Leave the curtain hanging, then pull it out the door or window. This will give you easy access to the mould on the rear lining. Rest the curtain over plastic garden chairs if it’s a slider door… or if it’s a window then simply hang them out the window frame.
  2. The best way is to take them down and hang them over the clothesline. Do this on a sunny day in the morning, and they should be dry (or near enough), to rehang by the afternoon.
  3. If the curtains are small, you can hold the corner of the curtain out, and spray on with the other hand. All surrounding surfaces need to be covered incase the liquid drips onto a non-colourfast surface.
  4. If you are treating the lining only (98% of customers), and don’t want the liquid to go through to the coloured side… try unclipping the small clips down the side, and fold the front of the curtain back up on itself so only the lining is left dangling (Use pegs to hold the curtain up and out of your way). This gives easy access to treat the lining.
  5. If your curtain is attached/stitched to the lining, then it’s normally open across the bottom for ventilation purposes. If this is the case, you can slip some cardboard up between the curtain and lining to prevent the liquid transferring across.

Q: Do I dilute the product?
A: No. Our product arrives at your door ready to spray on. We’ve made it fast & simple to get rid of your mould!

Q: Do I use alot of product on the mouldy area?
A: You must apply the product liberally… really wet the mould with our product. Wait 15mins and the mould should be gone in most cases. If any mould remains, respray only the areas where mould remains. Once the mould is gone, you can put some water in the spray bottle to wash out any residual chemical (the curtain will be wet anyway with the product). If you apply the product over a clothesline, you can hose it down.

Q: What area does the product cover?
A: Generally, a 4L container is sufficient to clean the curtains in an average sized house. However, it’s hard to say exactly what area can be covered because the coverage depends on how much mould you’ve got, how old the mould is, how far up the lining the mould goes, how many curtains you have, how porous your curtains are etc. Here is a rough guide:

2L Container – 1-4 curtains with moderate mould.

4L Container – 1-8 curtains with moderate mould.

Q: Can your curtain mould remover be used to remove mold from the front of curtains / coloured part of curtains / both sides of curtains?

A: Yes. But you need to make sure your curtains are colourfast before applying the product liberally.

Q: Can your product be used to remove mould from children’s soft / stuffed toys, prams or strollers?
A: We don’t recommend using our mould remover around children or on their toys, prams, bedding, cots etc.

Q: Can your curtain mould remover be used on carpet, mattresses, cushions, duvets or couches?
A: We don’t recommend using our product on any spongy materials as the solution will get absorbed into the spongy material before it has a chance to remove the mould on the surface. Also, you risk having some discolouration if those materials are not colourfast.

Q: What’s the shelf life of your products?
A: If you keep the products airtight and store them in a dark place and at a cool temperature – they could last you more than 6 months.

Q: I am pregnant. Is your product safe to use?
A: We don’t recommend using the product while pregnant.

Q: I am chemically sensitive. Is your product safe to use?
A: Our product contains 1% bleach. We don’t recommend using our product, if you are allergic or sensitive to bleach.

Q: Have you got a physical address where I can pick up the product? Do you stock the product in any shops?
A: We are strictly an online business and don’t stock any of our products in shops. We ship daily around Australia.

Q: What are the ingredients of your products?
A: The active ingredient is 1% bleach. The other ingredients which make the product work so well are intellectual property. Our products are non-toxic, non-dangerous and non-flammable.

Q: Is the curtain mould remover OK to use on non-thermal curtains?
Yes, as long as your curtains are colourfast.

Q: How do I clean the mould off the white backing of my thermal curtains?
Spray a small patch in a non-obvious mould-infested area on your curtains first and let it dry. Once you are satisfied that there are no unwanted reactions on your curtain from this test patch – you can go ahead and spray the rest of the mould on the white backing of your curtains.

Q: How do I clean the mould off the white lining of my curtains?
A: If your curtains have unattached white lining behind the coloured curtain, put a piece cardboard between the coloured layer of the curtains and the white curtain layer and spray the white layer only.

Q: How do I know whether the curtains are colourfast?
A: Follow this colourfast test instructions: http://www.ehow.com/how_5160414_test-colorfastness.html

Q. How do I apply the curtain mould remover to my curtains?
A. Please do a colour test on a small, hidden area of your curtains to make sure the curtains are not going to have any reaction. Once satisfied with the sample test, you can go ahead and spray the mould on the curtains, making sure you’ve covered any carpet or upholstery to protect them from any stray spray. You don’t need to hose down the curtains after the application.

Q: Can you ship to NZ, UK, USA or any other international destination?
A: Yes. Visit our international websites for your country buy typing in ‘Curtain Magic Mould Remover (Insert your country here)’

Q: Are your products safe to use by children?
A: Like most chemical products, our product should be kept out of reach by children.

Q: Do your mould removal products contain bleach?
A: Yes. However bleach is pH 11 or so, whereas our product is neutral pH 7.5 which makes it much easier to remove mould. Household bleach contains between 3%-6% sodium hypochlorite, whereas our curtain mould cleaner product contains only 1%.

Q: Is there a discount for multiple purchases?
A: Yes. Just email us which products you’d like to purchase and your shipping address and we’ll email you the total price including the discount.

Q: Can we buy your products in any stores?
A: No, all of our products are strictly sold only online.

Q. How soon will you ship our products?
On the first business day after your payment is received.


Where does this powerful formula work best? Removes mould and mildew from most sealed surfaces. Use on ceilings (even textured), internal & external walls, wallpaper, shower doors and bathroom grouting. Use it on concrete, retaining walls, boats… just about anywhere!


Thermal or Colourfast Curtains – Please do a colour test on a small, hidden area of your curtains before applying it liberally. Once satisfied with the sample test, you can go ahead and spray the mould on the curtains, making sure you’ve covered any carpet or upholstery to protect them from any stray spray. If your curtains have unattached white lining behind the coloured curtain, put a piece of cardboard between the coloured layer of the curtains and the white lining and spray the white lining only. Pay attention not to let the wet lining come into contact with the coloured fabric. It’s best that you wear a mask so you don’t breathe in the product.

Ceilings & Walls: The most effective method is to spray the product on, working steadily, covering all areas well. After all traces of mould have disappeared clean the mop with fresh water and with lightly damp sponge, wipe off any excess moisture.

Wallpaper: We recommend spraying wallpaper for best results. Work from the bottom up to prevent streaking. Streaking occurs when spraying begins at the top and excess product runs down the walls leaving clean lines.
To eliminate streaking, spray the entire area from the bottom and work up. Once the area has been cleaned and all traces of mould have disappeared, wipe area well with a clean dry cloth to remove excess water.
Wallpaper should be tested for colour fastness first.

Bathrooms: Because shower curtains are waterproof, both sides must be sprayed to eliminate mould. Work with a dry curtain, spray well to cover the mould. We recommend spraying the curtain late at night and the next morning the curtain will be clean.

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