Our Guarantee

We offer a guarantee because you need certainty that Curtain Magic® works and we need the certainty that the product has been used as directed. This is your ticket to clean curtains. You can be safe in the knowledge that professional curtain & blind cleaning companies purchase from us by the drum load, so you can be assured it works when used as directed.

We guarantee Curtain Magic® will get rid of the black mould from your colourfast, indoor window furnishings without any scrubbing. The guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

Guarantee Conditions:

• Curtain Magic® must only be used on colourfast, indoor window furnishings. This guarantee or any associated claims are void if the product is used/ spilled / dripped on non-colourfast window furnishing or any other materials or surfaces as they are strictly outside the scope of the use for this product.
• The instructions on the bottle must be followed and the product may need to be re-sprayed liberally several times within the same hour until all the mould is gone.
• Any guarantee claim must be made within 30 calendar days of purchasing the product. The guarantee will be void outside of this period.
• Any guarantee claim must contain before & after photos and a description of the number of times the product was resprayed within the same hour.
• Any guarantee claim must be emailed to us within 30 calendar days of purchasing the product, together with a copy of the payment receipt, before and after photos of the treated area and a description of how the above conditions have been met. The claim will then be reviewed investigated and further clarifying questions may be asked. Upon successful completion of the claim, we’ll email you the address to return the unused product to and you will be refunded the product price, minus the Shipping & Handling fees.