Other Uses for our Mould Cleaning Products

Scroll down this page to see what other uses our customers have found for our Ceiling & Wall mould remover product!

If you have mould on any colourfast or painted surface, our amazing formula will do the hard work for you. Some of the biggest cleaning companies use the ‘Curtain Magic’ brand of mould removal products because they work almost instantly, while you are standing there.

Have you got a mould on a shade sail, outside awning or any external sun shade cover?

Cleaning company cleans up mould off the exterior of air conditioning ducts

Brilliant mould cleaning product to remove green mould and scum off painted fences

Works amazing on corrugated iron! Excellent for commercial cleaning and at home.

Great product to clean mould off boat covers, biminis and boat curtains…

Our ceiling & wall product works amazing to clean mould on plastic outdoor furniture!

View this 2min video… it’s amazing!

Tidy up mould around window frames that are painted

(Not to be used on exposed wood or any non-sealed surface).